Advanced Dental Implant Technology In Phoenix, AZ

A couple smiling at each other over the breakfast table because they have been treated with advanced dental implant technology

When thinking about technology, some might envision computers and personal devices. Yet technology is everywhere, including in world-class dental practices. In fact, proactive, future-forward dental teams regularly invest in the latest technologies for a wide variety of reasons. Below are just some of the main advantages of working with a dental provider that believes in the power and success of digital and advanced dental technology in Phoenix, AZ.

Technology Ensures Patients Get A Quality Experience

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants or undergoing a major smile transformation is a huge commitment. Patients will want to find dentists who are fully committed to making sure that they get exactly what they need.

Dentists who incorporate and embrace technologies show just how important their patients are to them. After all, digital technology allows them to be fully patient-centered. For instance, at Smile Now, the Zirkonzah® Face Hunter and smile design software is incredibly precise. As a result, patients can feel confident knowing that their treatment plan will turn out the way they expect.

Technology Allows Dentists To Bring More Treatments In-House

Most dental practices across the country are not all-inclusive in terms of being able to provide all their treatments in-house. Technology can change that, as has been proven at Smile Now. The full-blown laboratory includes a variety of equipment including a 4D intraoral camera, a complete milling unit, a digital smile design station, and much more.

Many people are surprised to learn that this office includes dentists, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, anesthesiologist, and dental lab technician. In other words, this office is capable of providing services 100% onsite. Patients never need to go somewhere else to get a tooth extracted. It is made sure that patients can get the customized care they require at Smile Now.

Technology Shortens The Number Of Office Visits For Patients

Did you know that patients can get a completely new smile in just a couple of office visits? Some of the patients in this phoenix, AZ office have been able to get their dental implants surgically placed during their second appointments. Again, this is due to technology.

This practice does not need patients to come in as long as doctors have accurate digital images of their mouths. Instead, team members can do all the backend work, making everything more convenient for the people served.

Technology Keeps Costs Lower

Paying for dental implants is easier when working with Smile Now. Since this office never has to outsource work, delivering high-end products and treatments for less is possible. New patients regularly say that despite the fact that this office has a dental lab, three world-class operates, and other impressive resources, the cost to provide dental implants is much lower than they expected.

This is one of the major but often overlooked benefits of working with a practice that features advanced dental technology in Phoenix, AZ. So, if saving money while getting incredible service matters, Smile Now brings patients the best of the best.

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