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Dental Implants May Still Be Possible

Zygomatic Dental Implants Phoenix, AZ

Zygomatic Implants Can Reduce Bone Loss In The Upper Jaw

Bone loss in the upper jaw can become too severe to replace lost teeth with traditional dental implants. Our oral doctors, on the other hand, provide a fantastic option in the form of zygomatic dental implants. This surgery removes the necessity for bone grafting, allowing for the placement of a full arch of replacement teeth. If you have been informed that you can’t get dental implants, speak with one of our specialists about this groundbreaking new alternative.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have vast knowledge and expertise in dealing with difficult dental situations. Our oral surgeons in Phoenix, AZ are among the few in the country that routinely install zygomatic dental implants as part of our Full Mouth procedures.  We provide patients a fresh smile and a new lease on life by providing this unique treatment!

Side view of skull model showing jawbone top and bottom maxillary.
Artist rendering showing a zirconia prosthesis attached with zygomatic implants

What Are Zygomatic Dental Implants & How Do They Work?

Zygomatic dental implants, as opposed to traditional dental implants, are surgically inserted in the zygomatic (cheek) bones. These dental implants, which are supported by a strong, solid facial bone, do not need jawbone changes to support your new teeth. Zygomatic implants are one of the most difficult procedures in implant dentistry, and only a few oral surgeons are qualified in them. Nonetheless, our oral surgeons routinely insert zygomatic dental implants and have years of expertise and clinical outcomes to back up their therapies. Our dental surgeons may supply you with the following zygomatic implants benefits:

  • Fewer operations are needed
  • A strong, realistic-looking bridge of teeth
  • Long-term dependability
  • In most circumstances, immediately repaired teeth

Why Trust Us For Zygomatic Dental Implants In Phoenix

Our lead surgeon, Dr. Shaw, has been practicing dentistry and dental surgery for over 2 decades. Thanks to his experience, he understands that patients need peace of mind before committing to such a big change in their lives. Because of our commitment to patient satisfaction, we use advanced technology to provide you a “Smile Preview”, where you can see what your teeth will look like before you get surgery!

We use the latest cutting-edge tech to produce accurate scans of your mouth and produce better implants in fewer visits. Our milling technology and our 3D printer produce the highest-quality custom implants right on the premises. We offer financing through PatientFi, CareCredit, and Lending Club to make sure that all patients, regardless of financial means, can get the smile they want. See your new smile by scheduling a consultation with us!

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What Do I Need To Know About Zygomatic Dental Implants?

Although zygomatic dental implants appear to be more involved than traditional procedures, they may be implanted in a single surgical procedure under general anesthesia with no further bone grafting. Before you come, our oral surgeons will digitally arrange your treatment using 3D cone beam CT scans. Our surgeon strategically places the implant in the zygomatic bone during your treatment to provide optimal stability. This surgery may also include the placement of conventional dental implants in the densest areas of the jawbone. Because no bone grafting is required for this procedure, we may typically complete your treatment process faster and present you with a functioning, attractive new smile sooner than traditional dental implant surgery. Smile Now Dental Implant Center can provide you with zygomatic dental implants in Phoenix.

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