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Restore Your Health And Your Smile With Tooth Extractions in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re living with one or more hopeless or painful teeth, removing them is sometimes the best option for restoring your oral health and smile. Although we’ll recommend everything possible to first save a natural tooth, removing teeth riddled with infection and decay can actually save your smile from further infection and loss. Tooth extractions don’t have to be the end of your treatment process, however. We provide tooth extractions in Phoenix, AZ as part of our comprehensive dental implant treatment and can permanently restore your smile to full function and health, no matter how many failing or missing teeth you have.

Dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, are the only permanent way to replace extracted teeth, giving you over 98 percent return to natural function and oral health. By not replacing teeth with dental implants, your natural jawbone will resorb and shrink, which can be harmful even if you have a single tooth removed. If your oral health has been damaged because of extensive tooth decay or advanced gum disease, removing failing teeth and replacing them with dental implants can restore optimal health and function to your mouth.

From Tooth Extractions to a New Smile in One Visit

Dental implants are the healthiest and most natural tooth replacement option in dentistry, and we recommend them for most of our patients to replace one, several, or all failing or missing teeth. During your consultation, we will assess the health of your mouth and teeth to determine if tooth extractions are necessary. In most cases, we’re able to remove your hopeless teeth and place dental implants in the same surgical appointment, so you’ll never be without teeth.

Our trained anesthesiologist will ensure your comfort with custom anesthesia before we begin surgery and all tooth extractions will be completed by our oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Most importantly, we’ll transition you from a mouth of painful, failing teeth to a beautiful and functional smile in just one appointment. This is all possible because of our state-of-the-art technology, advanced surgical protocols, and expertise of our skilled team. Once your procedure is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy your temporary teeth as if they were your own healthy natural teeth!

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Benefiting from Dental Implants

  • A healthy, functional smile in one appointment
  • Permanent teeth you can bite and chew with
  • An attractive, white, and straight smile
  • No more pain from damaged or decayed teeth

Put an end to painful teeth.

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