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Convenient Dental Implants


Comprehensive and Affordable Care Is Here

One of the greatest benefits we provide our patients at Smile Now Dental Implant Center is the all-inclusiveness of our dental implant treatment. The results are three-fold: greater quality, convenience, and affordability of care for you. By keeping your treatment all in-house, we can maintain the highest standard of care, while streamlining the process to fit within your time constraints and budget. It’s one of the main reasons why patients from all over the country choose our practice for dental implants in Phoenix, AZ!

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How We Keep Your Treatment Convenient

Our immaculate implant center consists of 3 state-of-the-art operatories, a fully equipped dental lab, the resources to offer full anesthesia options, and advanced dental and surgical technologies. From a single team at a single practice location, you’ll receive comprehensive dental implant treatment through one cohesive treatment plan. Because of the unique and specialized training of our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, dentist, anesthesiologist, and dental lab technician, this process is efficient and predictable, both in terms of your surgical outcomes and the overall cost of treatment.

Our Streamlined Process

Your consultation and treatment planning are all digitally guided. We use Zirkonzah® Face Hunter and smile design software to virtually create your new smile. Because this virtual rendering of your face is so precise, you don’t have to be present during this phase of your treatment, saving you frequent trips to our office. Many times, this can be completed on the day of your consultation, too.
We complete your dental implant surgery, and any related procedures like tooth extractions/ and bone grafting, in our surgical suite while you are comfortable under personalized anesthesia. Using prefabricated custom surgical guides, placing your dental implants is fast, precise, and predictable. Our team’s surgical expertise also means you won’t ever be referred out to a separate practice for procedures like these.
Our in-house dental lab and on-staff technician and restorative dentist make it possible for you to receive your provisional and final restoration at our office. We work quickly and efficiently to design your new teeth, then have them milled from zirconia or another superior material right in our office. We don’t outsource any of our cases. This ensures you’re receiving the highest quality materials, with personalized results and no lengthy wait times between appointments.

All-inclusive treatment makes a difference!

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