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Your Treatment—Fully Digital

Smile Preview - Phoenix, AZ

3D Virtual Planning with Zirkonzahn®

Your entire treatment at Smile Now is a digital process. We use Zirkonzahn® Face Hunter and digital smile design software to virtually plan your new smile and surgery and optimize the results of your treatment. This technology captures the unique typographical and muscular aspects of your face so we can create a completely virtual rendering in our software. The level of precision and detail this digital representation provides lets us design your new smile and plan your surgery as if you were physically in our office, even though you’ll be at home during this phase. More than giving us the information to provide truly custom treatment plans, our virtual smile design in Phoenix, AZ reduces the number of times you need to visit our office and greatly reduces your overall treatment time. Our technology and the skill of our team are why we’re able to offer complete smile transformations in as few as 2-3 appointments.
Computer monitor showing Zirkonzahn 3-D scan of female face for a Smile Now digital smile design

Be Part of the Process

You won’t physically be in our office during some of our smile design planning phase, but this doesn’t mean you’re not included in the process. We want you to feel confident, attractive, and healthy in your new smile. While we’re skilled in both the design and surgical parts of care, we encourage you to talk to us about what you desire your new smile to look like. We’ll show you our virtual renderings of your face and teeth, too, so you can have an accurate picture of how you’ll look once treatment is complete. Even better, we’ll make a physical mock-up of your new smile design that you can “test drive”!
Female patient undergoing digital smile design scan.

Experience Your Trial Smile

Part of your treatment experience can be testing out a trial smile before we begin any procedures. This smile is a physical representation of what your final teeth will look like. More than seeing a virtual image of your face and smile, you can physically smile, talk, and laugh while this trial smile is in your mouth. In real life, you’ll be able to see how it looks and feel your confidence soar.

A Completely Personalized New Look

Your virtual and physical smile mock-up is only the beginning of your digital treatment process. We’ll use these smile design renderings to create your custom surgical guides for the most precise and accurate placement of your dental implants. Our dental lab technician also uses these renderings to design a fully personalized new tooth, bridge, or set of teeth. We’ll have a functional, aesthetic temporary ready for the day of your surgery. You’ll leave your second appointment with a healthy, beautiful smile!

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