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A New Smile in One Day

Imagine how you’d feel if you smiled at yourself in the mirror and instead of seeing missing or failing teeth, you saw a beautiful, healthy smile? Or when eating dinner with family or friends, you didn’t fear your dentures falling out? Or waking up every day with strong, functional teeth fixed securely in your mouth that let you smile, laugh, and eat with confidence? You don’t have to imagine… In as few as 2-3 appointments, we can make this possible by transforming your smile—and your life— with full mouth dental implants in Phoenix, AZ!

What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Full mouth dental implants are the permanent alternative to dentures and implant supported dentures. Dentures provide only a fraction of biting and chewing function, may appear bulky in your mouth, and don’t stop bone resorption that results in gum irritation, sores, and denture relining. Implant supported dentures provide increased function and stability but are still made from your original denture and generally need to be removed each night and cleaned. Full mouth dental implants is a full arch tooth replacement protocol where all hopeless teeth are extracted and four or more dental implants are placed into your natural jawbone to support a fixed bridge of durable, life-like teeth. Their functional, health, and aesthetic benefits are incomparable to any other solution. We design and mill these bridges right in our office from Zirconia and other strong, natural-looking materials. These teeth return over 98 percent of dental function and with the healthy stimulation dental implants provide your bone, result in a healthy smile that can last the rest of your life. All of this is possible at a single location and in one surgical appointment because of our specialized experience and technology.

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  • Implant Supported Dentures
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  • Full Mouth Dental Implants

Why Patients Choose Smile Now

Our unique Smile Now advantage is one of the reasons patients from around the country choose us for their full arch dental implant treatment in Phoenix, AZ. Our team consists of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, restorative dentist, anesthesiologist, and dental lab technician who are all highly experienced and specialized in smile transformations with all on 4 dental implants in Phoenix. Additionally, we’ve invested in some of dentistry’s most innovative digital and surgical technology, including our on-site dental lab, to enhance the precision of our care and significantly reduce treatment and appointment times. As a result of our expertise and technology, Smile Now Dental Implant Center is one of very few private implant centers in the country to offer this superior level of patient care and a fully digital treatment process.

Our Digitally Guided Treatment

Phase One – Consultation and Planning

Your first phase of treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation and evaluation. We’ll discuss your smile goals, expectations for treatment, and what’s possible with full mouth dental implants. Next, we’ll take 3-dimensional CBCT scans of your mouth and photorealistic images of your face and smile using Zirkonzahn® Face Hunter technology. This begins your digital treatment process—we use these scans and images to create a virtual rendering in our smile design software. You’ll be directly involved in this process and can even try in a “trial smile” to see how your final teeth will look and feel in real life. When you’re satisfied with your new smile, we’ll create a custom surgical guide and your temporary teeth that’ll be attached to your full arch dental implants on the day of surgery. Additionally, because our in-house dental lab is fully equipped, our technician can do this quickly, saving you a lengthy overall treatment process and the wait time between this appointment and your day of surgery.

Phase Two – Surgery and Temporary Teeth

The next phase of your treatment (often your second appointment with us) involves extracting any unsalvageable teeth, replacing jawbone if necessary, and placing dental implants using the custom surgical guide. We have full anesthesia capabilities in-house and an on-staff anesthesiologist to monitor your vitals during surgery. Once you’re comfortable and relaxed, we’ll begin the surgical process. When placing your dental implants, our guide directs us to place them at the most precise angle, depth, and location in your natural bone. Since both this guide and your temporary teeth were designed together by our team during the planning phase, we can ensure precise surgical results and an accurate fit of your provisional. You’ll leave our office the same day with a full bridge of fixed, functional teeth that look natural!
Phase Three – Healing and Final Restoration
You’ll need a little time to heal after your surgery, but during this time your temporary teeth will function like the real thing. As you heal, the dental implants and jawbone will fuse together, becoming incredibly strong and durable just like natural tooth roots. You can choose to stay in your temporary teeth for up to a year before converting to your final bridge of zirconia teeth. This is a more affordable option that will still provide you with a quality solution. In either case, your new teeth will allow you to bite and chew any type of food, talk and laugh without embarrassment, and improve your health, confidence, and life!
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An Affordable New Smile

Very few things come close to the transformation of your smile and life through full mouth dental implants. We consider them to be one of the best investments you can make in your smile! Due to the all-inclusive and advanced nature of our implant center, we’ve been able to significantly reduce treatment costs often associated with multiple specialist offices, appointments, and outsourcing. However, some of our patients still need assistance in paying for this life-changing solution. As outlined above, you can complete your treatment in phases to make it more affordable. We also offer Insurance & Financing Options and partner with CareCredit®, GreenSky™, and Proceed Finance. We’ll help you find a low monthly payment plan within your budget and can also file claims on your behalf if you have dental insurance. We will ensure you can afford a smile transformation with full arch dental implants!

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