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You have the option to sleep through your dental implant surgery with our comprehensive anesthesia options, including oral sedation, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and general anesthesia in Phoenix, AZ. Our state-of-the-art practice is equipped to provide all anesthesia services, and we adhere to the highest level of safety standards and regulations. Additionally, our on-staff anesthesiologist administers and monitors your anesthesia levels and vitals throughout your entire surgery to provide you with a comfortable, pain-free experience. While you’re asleep, we can typically complete any other surgical procedures you may need, like tooth extractions and bone grafting, in addition to placing your dental implants. In just a few hours, your surgery will be complete, your dental implants placed, and your temporary tooth or teeth attached. You’ll have little (or no) memory of your procedure, but will leave our office with teeth that look, feel, and function like the real thing!

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Surgery Without Stress Or Discomfort

Surgery without Stress or Discomfort

  • Oral Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • IV Sedation
  • General Anesthesia
The Best Anesthesia Options in Phoenix, AZ

The Best Anesthesia Options - Phoenix, AZ

Your comfort is of the utmost importance to our team, and we’ll help you determine which level of anesthesia is right for your needs. Dental implant surgery is minimally invasive with our digital technology and surgical guides, often only requiring local anesthetic to block any sensations of pain. However, if you’re feeling stressed or anxious about treatment, we can help with dental implant anesthesia in Phoenix. Oral sedation and nitrous oxide are two forms of minimal to moderate sedation. Though you are conscious and responsive, you’ll likely feel relaxed and drowsy, and may even nap during the procedure. IV sedation is a deeper level of conscious sedation. Administered intravenously, IV sedation puts you in a deep “sleep” state, effectively blocking anxiety and pain with a customized level of sedation. Under general anesthesia, you are completely unconscious and unable to respond to verbal commands. You’ll awaken from this level of anesthesia either on your own or with medication. If you’re not sure which solution is best for you, we’ll determine the best anesthesia in Phoenix option for your needs at your consultation.

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