Are Dental Implants Cost-Effective In Phoenix, AZ?

a full mouth dental implant patient smiling in a chair.

Is it hard living life comfortably and normally with traditional dentures? Are missing teeth making it hard to smile with confidence? When people have these problems, they should consider getting cost-effective dental implants in Phoenix, AZ.

When people invest in their smile with dental implants, they can improve their smiles beauty and functionality for years to come. Below are some of the ways people get both value and excellent results from their dental implant procedures.


Dental Implants In Phoenix, AZ Are Cost-Effective With An Experienced Doctor

When patients want to get the most out of their dental implant procedure, they should look for a doctor with years of experience. After all, experience matters when it comes to the long-term investment of a dental implant procedure. Doctors who are well-credentialed and who stay on top of the latest trends in dental implant dentistry place more dental implants annually and their patients typically have higher success rates.


Can Dental Implant Procedures Have A Comprehensive Payment Option?

Some dental professionals need to outsource the parts for their dental implant treatments. For example, the dental professional can pay an outside lab to mill restorations. This, however, ends up adding more cost to the patients overall dental implant procedure.

On the other hand, a skilled doctor with an in-house dental lab can give patients a comprehensive dental implant procedure. When everything can be taken care of in-house, a patient’s dental implant treatment—including the extra treatments like bone grafting—can be bundled into one cost-effective procedure.


What Types Of Cost-Effective Dental Implant Procedures Can I Get?

There may be several types of dental implant procedure options available to people, depending on their specific needs. For instance, if people want to replace a whole arch of teeth, they may want to get full mouth dental implants. Even though full mouth dental implants may cost more up front than other types of dental implant procedure options, the way they can improve people’s imperfect smiles is priceless.

For instance, implant-supported dentures are a huge improvement over traditional dentures because they are stabilized in the patient’s jawbone. However, traditional dentures do not restore as much function to a patient’s smile as full mouth dental implants can. When people want the closest replica to a full arch of natural teeth, only full mouth dental implants can give them that.


Set Up Your Consultation For Dental Implants In Phoenix, AZ

Remember, you deserve to love your smile. Paying a little more today for a permanent treatment that will give you back 98% of your natural dental function, and look completely life-like, can make sense. But you have to know your options to weigh them. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable doctor who can help you navigate the variety of dental implant treatments that could benefit you.

Ultimately, you want to feel that you are getting the most value from every dental treatment you undergo. At Smile Now, a premier dental implant center, we understand that you may have many financial questions regarding dental implant placement. At your initial consultation, our team will help you explore all your options and figure out how to pinpoint the most cost-effective solution to achieve your dream smile.

Start your journey towards a new smile now. Get in contact with Dr. Shaw and Dr. Silegy at our Smile Now office by Phoenix, AZ to schedule an appointment today!