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Dental Implant Options - Phoenix, AZ

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If you have lost one or several teeth, removable or short-term solutions like partial dentures and dental bridges are no longer your only options! You can choose to have your missing teeth permanently replaced with dental implants. Strong and durable, dental implants look and act like healthy natural teeth. In fact, their design is comparable to that of real teeth, consisting of a titanium post (tooth root) and a dental crown or bridge (visible portion of teeth), and can restore over 98 percent of function and natural smile aesthetics. When placed and restored by implant specialists, dental implants in Phoenix, AZ truly are the tooth replacement of choice if you are missing one or more teeth.

The Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

Aesthetically, dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. Our technician will custom make your crown or bridge in our on-site dental lab to beautifully match your existing teeth in size, shape, and color. Functionally, your dental implant post is made from biocompatible titanium that will integrate with your natural bone as a natural tooth root does. Your dental crown or bridge is made from zirconia or other highly life-like and strong materials. Dental implants can also improve both your oral and overall health by allowing you to eat a wider variety of foods with a full set of teeth that won’t shift or fall out. Many patients are surprised to discover that the process for getting this life-changing solution is efficient, painless, and convenient in our all-inclusive dental implant treatment center!
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Our Specialized Treatment Process

Phase One – Personalized Consultation
Your first appointment at our office consists of a consultation and smile evaluation with our team. We’ll discuss your options, learn about your goals and expectations for treatment, and assess the health of your mouth. We’ll take CBCT scans, 3D images that show in extreme detail the quality of your jawbone and the location of your existing teeth. Using our innovative Zirkonzahn® Face Hunter technology, we’ll take photorealistic images of your face and smile to use when planning your surgical treatment and restorations. This technology lets us precisely design your new smile and fabricate your custom surgical guide while you’re home, saving you multiple trips to our office.
Phase Two – Dental Implant Surgery
On the day of your surgery (usually your second appointment), we’ll first ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Our anesthesiologist will be present during your surgery to administer and monitor the level of anesthesia you choose. Then, using our custom surgical guide, we’ll place your dental implant(s) in precise angles and depths in your jawbone to maximize long-term stability and aesthetics. If we verify that the primary stability of your dental implant is efficient, we’ll attach a temporary crown or bridge at that time. You’ll leave your surgical appointment with a new tooth or teeth that can function like normal as your bone heals!
Phase Three – Healing and Final Restoration
Over the next few months, your dental implants will heal and fuse to your natural jawbone. You can enjoy all the functional benefits of your dental implants during this time, however. We’ll make sure your implants are healing properly during this phase of your treatment. Once healed, you’ll return to our office to receive your final restoration. This crown or bridge will be strong enough to withstand the force of eating long-term and will look completely natural alongside your existing teeth. Enjoy your permanent dental implants!
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New Teeth within Your Budget

Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement solution and the only long-term option for single or multiple missing teeth that also restores health and aesthetics. Treatment becomes more affordable with every additional tooth that needs to be replaced since multiple implants can be placed during the same surgical appointment. Your overall cost of treatment will also depend on if you need a tooth extracted or bone grafting. We’ll complete these procedures right in our office, too, so we can streamline your treatment process. If you need assistance paying for your dental implants, we offer third-party financing and can file insurance claims on your behalf. Rest assured, we will help you afford a new smile with dental implants!

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