How Can I Make Dental Implants Affordable For Me?

a picture of a man who is smiling as he eats his dinner because he can afford his dental implant treatment

Patients who would like to know more about dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, often wait to get examined by a doctor. Why? Frequently, they are worried that dental implants will be out of their budget. When they finally come for an appointment, most are relieved to hear that there are many ways to make dental implants an affordable reality.

Those who have been reluctant to speak with a doctor about resolving missing or failing teeth because of dental implant pricing should consider the following payment choices. Patients should remember that they may be able to combine a few of these choices to create the most ideal, customized financing plan for their needs.

Methods To Pay For Dental Implants In Phoenix, AZ

Below are the most common ways that patients can cover their dental implant investments in the Phoenix, AZ, area:

Cash Or Personal Credit: 

This can be a good option if patients have enough savings or they have a low-interest credit card or revolving line of credit. 


Though not all health or dental insurance carriers cover the entire cost to place dental implants, some do. Others may cover a portion of the cost, as is sometimes the case if patients need a root canal, tooth extraction, or bone grafting procedure as part of their smile transformation treatment.

Third-Party Financing:

There are reliable third-party financing companies such as CareCredit® and Lending Club. Both have excellent reputations and can help patients stretch their dental implant treatment payments over years. Patients can usually find out very quickly if they qualify for their best rates and terms. 

Additional Strategies To Lower Your Dental Implant Cost

Now that it has been established that dental implants can be affordable, patients should also know some tips that can help them keep treatment costs as low as possible.

Work With An All-In-One Provider:

If patients can get all the treatment’s they need in one location and with one team, patients can typically save money because their personalized treatment plan can be bundled.

Go For A Consultation: 

Patients should not need to worry about the price to find out if they are a candidate for dental implants in Phoenix, AZ. Patients should always look for a provider that will give them a good price on a exploratory examination.

Seek Treatment Sooner Rather Than Later:

Doctors who place dental implants may hear from their patients that they wished they had had the dental implant treatment sooner. The longer patients wait to get the dental implant treatments they need, the higher the chance that they might end up with other problems that need to be addressed, like jawbone loss or gum disease.

Set Up Your Dental Implant Consultation With Us

Our practice has worked with many individuals who thought that dental implants were out of their financial reach. You can trust us to give you a realistic price as well as to help you come up with a financing solution that will work. Why wait to get the value, advantages, and confidence that come with dental implants? Get In contact with Dr. Shaw and Dr. Silegy at our Smile Now office to schedule an appointment today!