How Financing Can Help You Get A Brand New Smile

dental implant patient doing financing
It seems almost too good to be true: You can get your wonderful smile back. All you have to do is become a candidate for full arch dental implants in Phoenix, AZ. But can you honestly afford to make it happen right now? Or will you have to put the brakes on your dental health dreams? Trepidation over the cost of full arch dental implants tends to be the biggest barrier between patients improving the look and function of their mouths. That is why so many people are relieved when they realize that they do not have to pay out of pocket for complex dental treatments. Instead, they can rely on financing.

Enjoy Dental Implants Now, Pay Them Off Later

You are probably familiar with financing as a concept. Homeowners use financing to get mortgages. Car buyers also leverage financing. In both situations, the consumer has the opportunity to use the asset, such as the house or vehicle, right away. The same concept holds true with financing for dental implants. You can apply for a few different types of financing, allowing you to put very little down on your procedure. You will owe a reasonable amount every month for an agreed-upon length of time. Some of the more affordable financing options you will find at some advanced dental practices, offering full arch dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, include:

Third-Party Lenders:

Companies including CareCredit®, Proceed Finance, and GreenSky™ routinely work with specific providers to offer financing to their patients. You would need to fill out an application for approval. Typically, approvals come very quickly.

Dental or Health Insurance:

Depending upon your unique needs, some procedures that make up your full mouth dental implant solution may be covered by insurance. Ask your oral surgeon office team members if they will be willing to file paperwork on your behalf to save time. Even if only part of your treatment is approved for coverage, you will end up paying less.

In-House Payment Plans:

You may be able to work directly with the practice that places your dental implants, to develop a low, affordable monthly payment that works for both the practice and you.

Get the Full Arch Dental Implants in Phoenix, AZ You Need

You should never have to deny yourself a possibly life-changing dental procedure without looking at all your financial options. If you want to learn how our doctors- Dr. Roberts, Velangi, and Shaw– have helped patients through insurance and financing options, come to our Smile Now Dental Implant Center. Contact us today for a complete and confidential evaluation.