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A new smile means more than having a full set of teeth. At Smile Now, it means a transformation from the pain and embarrassment of many hopeless or missing teeth into a life characterized by comfort, health, and function. A life where you’re free to eat, laugh, and socialize feeling confident and attractive in your smile. Experience this life-changing transformation at our all-inclusive dental implant center.

From a single dental implant to full mouth dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, our team of specialists has the technology, training, and resources to change your life in as few as 2-3 appointments total. Begin your journey to a new life by scheduling your first consultation today.

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Why Patients Choose Smile Now

Our unique Smile Now advantage is one of the reasons patients from around the country choose us for their full arch dental implant treatment in Phoenix, AZ. Our team consists of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, restorative dentist, anesthesiologist, and dental lab technician who are all highly experienced and specialized in smile transformations with full arch dental implants.

Additionally, we’ve invested in some of dentistry’s most innovative digital and surgical technology, including our on-site dental lab, to enhance the precision of our care and significantly reduce treatment and appointment times. As a result of our expertise and technology, Smile Now is one of very few private implant centers in the country to offer this superior level of patient care and a fully digital treatment process.

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The Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

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Aesthetically, dental implants in Phoenix, AZ look and feel just like natural teeth. Our technician will custom make your crown or bridge in our on-site dental lab to beautifully match your existing teeth in size, shape, and color. Functionally, your dental implant post is made from biocompatible titanium that will integrate with your natural bone as a natural tooth root does. 

Your dental crown or bridge is made from zirconia or other highly life-like and strong materials. Dental implants can also improve both your oral and overall health by allowing you to eat a wider variety of foods with a full set of teeth that won’t shift or fall out. Many patients are surprised to discover that the process for getting this life-changing solution is efficient, painless, and convenient in our all-inclusive dental implant treatment center!

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New Teeth within Your Budget

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Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement solution and the only long-term option for single or multiple missing teeth that also restores health and aesthetics. Treatment becomes more affordable with every additional tooth that needs to be replaced since multiple implants can be placed during the same surgical appointment. 

Your overall cost of treatment will also depend on if you need a tooth extracted or bone grafting. We’ll complete these procedures right in our office, too, so we can streamline your treatment process. If you need assistance paying for your dental implants, we offer third-party financing and can file insurance claims on your behalf. Rest assured, we will help you afford a new smile with dental implants!

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Our Unique Advantages

Comprehensive Care

Every appointment that’s part of your dental implant treatment will be completed at our Phoenix, AZ implant center. Because our treatment process is all-inclusive, you can rest assured your care will remain at the highest quality, while remaining convenient and affordable.

Leading Technology

We’ve invested in leading dental technologies, including CBCT imaging, digital smile design software, and a fully equipped in-house dental laboratory with the latest digital acquisition and milling equipment including intra-oral scanners, 5-axis CAD/CAM milling units, 3D printers and the use of Photogrammetry to more accurately acquire patient records to reduce the number of office visits and deliver the highest quality results.

Same-Day Solutions

Our expertise in dental implants and digital and surgical technology makes it possible for us to provide complete smile transformations in a single day. During your surgical appointment (generally your second appointment at our office), we’ll extract teeth, place your dental implants, then attach a functional, attractive tooth or bridge of teeth.

Common Dental Implant Questions:

A dental implant is made up of three parts—a titanium or ceramic post, an abutment, and a restoration. Built to function like natural tooth roots, dental implants provide bone support and a stable foundation for a single dental crown, a dental bridge, a denture, or a full arch prosthesis.

Many patients are candidates for dental implants already or can qualify after receiving preparatory treatments like bone grafting and tooth extractions. Candidacy is more accurately determined after a comprehensive consultation and evaluation with an implant dentist.

The cost of dental implants is based on many factors, including how many teeth are missing and for how long, the types of materials used, and what additional procedures are needed. Our team can help you apply for dental financing and will file insurance claims on your behalf to help you afford treatment.

Dental implant treatment can range from a few months to over a year. In many cases, implants can be surgically placed soon after the consultation and treatment plan are complete. For patients needing bone grafting, this may be a separate procedure requiring several months of healing before dental implant surgery. After dental implants are placed, healing can take 3+ months before optimal integration is achieved and a final restoration can be permanently attached. In many cases, patients can wear a temporary restoration during healing.

Dental implants are designed to last for decades and have the potential to last for the rest of your life. Surgical technology and clinical experience, along with your health habits, ultimately affect the longevity of your implants. Choosing an experienced implant team like ours at Smile Now provides more precise and accurate surgery that better guarantees the long-term success of your treatment.

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