What Are The Steps To Placing Full Mouth Dental Implants In Phoenix, AZ?

Dental Patient Smiling After Getting A Full Arch Dental Implant

Some people have read about full mouth dental implants and want to know whether they are the right treatment option for them. Maybe people know about a patient who has benefited from investing in full mouth dental implants in Phoenix, AZ. Either way, patients deserve to have a good understanding about the full mouth dental implant placement process from beginning to end.

In this blog, the typical full mouth dental implant placement procedure process will be discussed. This way, patients can get a better idea of what is in store for them if they choose this breakthrough dental option to replace their missing, ailing, and failing teeth. 

Step One: Consulting A Doctor About Full Mouth Dental Implants In Phoenix, AZ

As some might imagine, patients will begin their journey to receive full mouth dental implants by meeting with a highly credentialed doctor who specializes in smile transformations. Their consultation will include a thorough evaluation using dental technologies like 3D CBCT scans.

These scans allow the doctor to precisely show patients on a screen how their smile could look after receiving dental implants. If patients decide to move forward, their doctor and team will set up a surgery date.

Step Two: Preparing For Your Full Mouth Dental Implant Surgery Day

A highly trained doctor will prepare for the patients upcoming surgery to receive their full mouth dental implants in Phoenix, AZ. A custom surgical guide will be created as well as a temporary restoration that will be placed on the day of their surgery.

Plenty of preparations happens at the doctor’s office to ensure that the patients surgery experience is seamless, comfortable, and reliable. For the best treatment outcome results, the office has a fully equipped in-house lab. This shortens the patient’s overall treatment timeframe and can make dental implants more affordable as well.

Step Three: Receiving Your Full Mouth Dental Implants

On the day of the patient’s surgery (which may be as soon as their second appointment), patients will be given the appropriate level of sedation dentistry to produce a pain-free surgery experience.

If necessary, the doctor can extract any remaining failing teeth and address lowered jawbone density problems before placing their custom-made full mouth dental implants. After placement, the temporary restoration will be affixed to the dental implants. In other words, patients will come out of their surgery with a fully functioning, brand-new smile.

Step Four: Healing After A Full Mouth Dental Implant Placement

It takes time for patients’ mouths to recover from a full mouth dental implant surgery. Over the course of a few months or up to a year, the patients dental implants will fuse with their jawbone, establishing a strong, stable foundation for their final customized restoration.

Once this healing has occurred, the patient can return to the doctor. The patient’s temporary teeth can be removed, and their permanent dental prosthesis can be placed.

We Can Place Your Full Mouth Dental Implants

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