Why Should I Get Zygomatic Dental Implants In Phoenix, AZ?

a photo of a zygomatic dental implant post being placed inside a patients gum's, which also have natural teeth in them.

Sometimes, patients may be told by a doctor that they are not good candidates for dental implant treatments. However, if the underlying reason patients cannot get dental implant treatments is because of excessive bone loss in their upper jawbone, getting zygomatic dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, could be the right answer.

What are zygomatic dental implants and what makes them different from other kinds of dental implant options? It all starts with the name: zygomatic.

Facts About Zygomatic Dental Implants In Phoenix, AZ 

Everyone has a zygomatic bone. A zygomatic bone is more commonly known as a cheekbone. The zygomatic bone is typically very strong and, because of its location, extremely stable. Normally, the zygomatic bone is not involved in dental implant surgeries. The exception is when a patient is more well-suited for zygomatic dental implant treatments.

Under conditions where a patient has little to no jawbone loss, dental implants are implanted into the jawbone. When this is not recommended and a sinus lift is not preferred or possible, patients and their doctors may rely upon zygomatic dental implants. 

Zygomatic dental implants are surgically placed into the zygomatic bone rather than the jawbone. As a result, they enable nearly everyone to be able to enjoy the freedom, security, and other benefits of dental implant treatments.

Advantages Of Zygomatic Dental Implants in Phoenix, AZ

All dental implants give patients the opportunity to have a much healthier oral function, as well as a natural-looking smile. For patients with jawbone loss who have always thought they were not candidates for any kind of dental implant treatment, zygomatic dental implants provide additional upsides:

Advanced Technology:

Patients can undergo technologically advanced precision and planning to ensure an exceptional treatment outcome. Doctors trained to place zygomatic dental implants routinely use leading-edge tools for the most dependable results.

High-Quality Life:

Patients can finally experience a higher quality of life. No more dentures. No more failing teeth. Just prosthetic teeth that look and feel real.

Strong Teeth:

Patients may be able to leave their dental implant surgery with a workable prosthesis. The zygomatic bone is extremely strong, which means that immediately after surgery patients can usually use their prosthetic teeth.

High Success Rate:

Patients can invest in a dental implant treatment with a high success rate. Like all dental implants, zygomatic dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, have a success rate of more than 98% when placed by knowledgeable doctors who use advanced techniques and technologies.

We Can Place Your Zygomatic Dental Implants

Not every doctor who places dental implants can place zygomatic dental implants. At our modern office, we work with patients who have been told they could never have dental implants because they lacked jawbone strength. Get in contact with Dr. Shaw and Dr. Silegy at our Smile Now office to schedule an appointment today!  You can still restore your smile despite your jawbone loss.