Your Options To Replace Your Missing Teeth

dental implant shown in gum-line

Whether a patient has just lost a tooth this week or have lived with missing teeth for years, there are options. Specifically, revitalizing smiles permanently by learning more about the most advanced way to replace missing teeth: placement of dental implants in Phoenix, AZ.

Though you may have heard about dental implants before, you might not realize how many types of implants there are. In fact, there is a range of implants to meet oral health and appearance goals, as well as fitting a budget.

Below are some of the more popular types of dental implant treatments available to adults who want the function and look of a complete smile. 

Single Dental Implants

Maybe the patient only has one missing tooth, or perhaps there are two or three missing teeth in different areas of the mouth. Though a patient might consider having a bridge made, a single dental implants in Phoenix, AZ is also a great option.

Unlike bridges, which sit on top of the gums, dental implants are surgically embedded into the jawbone. This makes them a permanent part of your body and provides you with tremendous stability for your new prosthetic tooth. Single implants can be placed anywhere where there is enough bone to support the implant post. Unlike bridges, they do not disturb the surrounding teeth.

Partial Bridge Implants

Have a few missing teeth in a row? Rather than opting for a traditional bridge, explore the benefits of a partial bridge attached to dental implants. The bridge will sit on surgically placed implant posts and remain anchored to them.

Partial bridges are not just aesthetically pleasing or ultimately practical, either. Like all dental implant solutions, they also help patients avoid progressive bone loss at the site of your meeting teeth. In other words, they can be good for your systemic health because they promote bone strength.

Full Arch Dental Implants

If you thought that the only way to replace a full arch of missing teeth was with a set of classic, removable dentures, prepare to be surprised! Full arch dental implants enable patients to get a complete set of new teeth custom-crafted to fit a patients mouth and personality.

Perhaps best of all, some full arch dental implant protocols allow patients to leave after the initial surgery with a set of individually made prosthetic teeth. As a result, patients can enjoy an improved lifestyle right away without waiting for the implant site to heal.

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Deciding upon the best way to replace your missing teeth can seem overwhelming. However, with help from a dental implant treatment team like the one at Smile Now Dental Implant Center, you can feel more confident about which solution is most practical for your needs.

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